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Prims & Pretties Resources

A set of lavender colored sachets with bouquet roses.

Custom Order Request

If you don't see something you like or you need to have a specific item size or colorway, please request it & I will see if I can accommodate your needs. 


Let me know the size, quanity, colorway and timeline (if applicable).

Email me Primsandpretties

A picture of various singing artist for my spotify playlist.

Prims & Pretties Music on Spotify

I have added my Spotify playlist above & I have it set to random so the songs will not be in order.  I do not have any explicit lyrics or anything too heavy on the ears.  I have included music from classical piano pieces to rock & everything in between.  I have greatest hits, obscure B sides, movie themes & piano pieces.  I love it all but am mindful to all listeners.  If you would like me to add a song or songs you like, send me a note, I'll listen If I don't know them & i'll add them If I like them.

Email me:  Primsandpretties

Oatmeal raisin cookies  cooling on a rack.


I'll be sharing recipes with you & if you would like to share some with me & have them featured on my recipe section, I'd be happy to do it for us! 


Meals or Snacks, I'm good either way.  I am not Vegan. Pescatarian, Flexitarian or Vegetarian but, I have been known to make such dishes.  I don't eat a lot of meat as a rule & find my happy place in "Bunny food" (vegies, lots of vegies) as my son would say.  If we try a recipe & we like it, we keep it in our rotation.

Email me:  Primsandpretties

Word balloons with the words, we want your feedback

If you notice any picadillo's, issues, bugs or in general, have any concerns regarding, please email or chat me (button at the bottom right of the page), let me know what your concern is (are if mulitiple) & if applicable, I will fix it (them) right away.   

This can be ease of use, speed, product display, descriptions etc.; colorways or any other concern or suggestion you may have.  

Email me Primsandpretties

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