Born from Boredom

I was first introduced to machine sewing at 11 years young. Yes, introduced & that was that. I had, no interest in it. I preferred playing outside with my friends, hanging out at the football field, reading & music or the neighborhood kid wiffle ball games, hide-n-seek or playing at the brook. Then, there was track & cross country, boys, work & life in general. One day I was bored out of my mind & thought, I should learn some productive hobbies.

True Type A, not one but some, multiple, hobbies & interest.​

I started with crochet, then knitting,

painting & then sewing. I bought a cheap little second hand machine at the thrift store for $10.00 at a place called Nancy's Downtown Mall (I only went in because it had my mothers moniker) which is now known as Glendy's Uptown Mall.

I then went to the library to get a book on quilting & read until my eyes glued shut. Next day, I got up, went to the fabric store (with no project in mind, mind you) & fell in love. I bought a bunch of fabric with big dreams & little experience. I blindly opened the quilt book telling myself, "where ever it lands, that's what I'll build". It landed on a wedding ring quilt & that was not going to happen. I was not prepared or qualified. So I said, "okay, one more try". It landed on a Bear Paw Quilt similar to this one by the very talented Etsy seller (with permission) - Prazequilts. Mine of course was not nearly as gorgeous as this Batik wonderment. It was far more conservative in Red, White & blues. This quilt is STUNNING & can be found by clicking on the picture below!!!


It took me a week to cut (I didn't know rotary cutters were a thing) & reassemble all my fabric just so I could sew it all back together. I fought with my little machine to quilt it (another whole level of learning) & it turned out awesome! I wish I had a camera or cell phone back then in 1991. I'm sure there were flaws for days but I didn't care at that point. I had learned a new hobby & created a useful product from it.

That was 30 years ago!

I went years without sewing & one day found myself disabled (for various reasons) but knew I still had much to offer. I wasn't sure what I was going to do to generate money/income but I had to do something. Sitting in my living room one day the husband says "sell your pillows online". Online, Huh, What do you mean were all going through my head. But, out came "yeah right". I was soooo naïve. I had no clue. But, the kids chimed in with variations "yeah, you can do it, why not?". Later that night I started investigating it. I found Ebay & later on Etsy & I've never looked back. I've been blessed with clients from all over the world & repeat clients throughout the many years. And now, I've been building my own website,

Those who appreciate the work, individuality & craftsmanship in what we crafters do are greatly appreciated & give us an opportunity to provide for our families & share our hobbies with the world.

I & I'm sure, the rest of us, thank you!