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Color, Concept, Completion...

Step 1 - Get on Etsy when bored & Fabric Surf (such an extreme sport).

It sparks my creativity to see all the gorgeous fabrics.

Primitive Fabrics

Step 2 - When it arrives, stare at all its glorious wonder (until you know what you want to do with it.

Aren't fabric bundles great?).

Primitive Fabrics

Step 3 - Investigate patterns by fellow artisans & help build them up as others have lifted you.

Support small business, get unique items.

quilt pattern

Step 4 - In the words of Teresa Wright (Ms. Birdie, Rainmaker), cut, cut, cut...

Then trim some more.

fabric shavings from trimming fabrics

Step 5 - Start sewing, joining & making whole all the whole fabric you just cut up into a gazillion pieces.

Christmas bulbs primitive quilt

Step 6 - Measure quilt circumference, add 12" for corners & joining & make your binding.

A lot of binding!

cutting of the binding fabric

quilt bindings

Step 7 - Enlist LAQ (Long Arm Quilter) otherwise known as Heather (Quilts On The Fly - don't you love her business name?) since I decided to make 2 of these quilts.

Did I honestly think I would have time to quilt both?

I have a hard fast rule: Where two or more gather does NOT apply to my quilting habits & knowing I make tops far quicker than I finish the quilting, I only allow myself to work one quilt at a time unless it's a quilt along.

But there are always multiple Quilt-A-Along's, right?

Quilts on the Fly

Step 8 - Wait patiently. Yep, that's all.

Not as easy as one thinks when sending your babies off.........

saying, patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears

Step 9 - Contact from the mothership & photos! My quilts are done in record time & she's sending them home.

Eek.... can't wait to see them in person.

quilted christmas bulbs primitive quilt

They look stunning!

Thank you, Miss Heather!

quilted Christmas bulbs quilt

Step 10 - Bind. Hand binding can be utterly satisfying, unless you sent two off to the LAQ & now you're up to bat in the 9th & the count is 0-2. Oye.

HINT: wear surgical gloves to grip & pull your needle easier through your fabrics.

Saves on the fingertips.

binding Christmas bulbs primitive quilt

Step 10 continued - I digress. I like hand binding. Something about finishing that is so fulfilling.

But I like FINISHED better.

(Tall husband missing so supply rack must suffice for the sake of this post).

completed Christmas bulbs quilt

Step 12 - Pass it down as an heirloom or keep it & snuggle up under it reading a book, watching a movie or taking a nap.

Quilts are meant to be used & loved

If you want to compliment a quilter, use them.

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