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Color, Concept, Completion...

Step 1 - Get on Etsy when bored & Fabric Surf (such an extreme sport).

It sparks my creativity to see all the gorgeous fabrics.

Step 2 - When it arrives, stare at all its glorious wonder (until you know what you want to do with it.

Aren't fabric bundles great?).

Step 3 - Investigate patterns by fellow artisans such as @homewithandreasims & help build them up as others have lifted you.

Support small business, get unique items.

Step 4 - In the words of Teresa Wright (Ms. Birdie, Rainmaker), cut, cut, cut...

Then trim some more.

Step 5 - Start sewing, joining & making whole all the whole fabric you just cut up into a gazillion pieces.

Step 6 - Measure quilt circumference, add 12" for corners & joining & make your binding.

A lot of binding!

Step 7 - Enlist LAQ (Long Arm Quilter) otherwise known as Heather (Quilts On The Fly - don't you love her business name?) since I decided to make 2 of these quilts.

Did I honestly think I would have time to quilt both?

I have a hard fast rule: Where two or more gather does NOT apply to my quilting habits & knowing I make tops far quicker than I finish the quilting, I only allow myself to work one quilt at a time unless it's a quilt along.

But there are always multiple Quilt-A-Along's, right?

Step 8 - Wait patiently. Yep, that's all.

Not as easy as one thinks when sending your babies off.........

Step 9 - Contact from the mothership & photos! My quilts are done in record time & she's sending them home.

Eek.... can't wait to see them in person.

They look stunning!

Thank you, Miss Heather!

Step 10 - Bind. Hand binding can be utterly satisfying, unless you sent two off to the LAQ & now you're up to bat in the 9th & the count is 0-2. Oye.

HINT: wear surgical gloves to grip & pull your needle easier through your fabrics.

Saves on the fingertips.

Step 10 continued - I digress. I like hand binding. Something about finishing that is so fulfilling.

But I like FINISHED better.

(Tall husband missing so supply rack must suffice for the sake of this post).

Step 12 - Pass it down as an heirloom or keep it & snuggle up under it reading a book, watching a movie or taking a nap.

Quilts are meant to be used & loved

If you want to compliment a quilter, use them.

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