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Covers Me In Music

Cover me in music simply refers to when I feel the need to listen to music, it is more often to relieve stress than to simply absorb the pleasure of it. However, that said, once the stress is relieved, I then absorb simply for the pleasure, for hours on end. Cover my stress.

However, I don't like bad covers (i.e., Madonna/American Pie, whoa what a trainwreck that was) in my music and I love finding great ones. Now granted, all music is subjective until something is just utter crap. And then, there are experiences. When I have an autoimmune recovery day and I get to do not too much (relative in my case as I hate to sit still). I knit, crochet, watch a series on tv or listen to new music. Something about finding a great song with an artist you already listen to covering a song you already like and doing it very well.


Progressive Rock/Pop: Madman Across The Water has not only been one of my favorite songs but has had even more of a special meaning to me since losing my son. I was stunned when I found a Brandi Carlile cover, she performed on the Howard Stern show & she interpreted the song in much the same way I saw & I personally apply it to my son. I came across this cover one night when my husband & I were watching videos on YouTube for a quiet night in after playing musical trivia as it were. To say I was shaken, holy smokes. I've been a fan of Brandi & "The Twins" since they first came up after hearing "The Story" which cut through me deeply, lyrically. Brandi and The Twins are a pop, alternative, folk, country, damn good trio with harmonies that will knock you off your feet, much akin to Peter, Paul & Mary. But I was not a fan of Howard Stern so I would never have seen it if not for a 'quick look see' accidental bump on the remote. It was pretty amazing & has left it's mark, though I'm not surprised.

Rock Cover: If you have never seen Heart's Ann & Nancy Wilson do their thing, you're missing one of the greatest rock'n'roll voices! No, not female, ONE OF THE GREATEST, period. Few can match her, many have tried. Their son "Dog and Butterfly" is my absolute favorite but there are few songs I don't know well but & they are worth the listen.

But, when you pair that voice with her sister's guitar playing, one of the most recognizable songs ever, & a borrowed Choir singing straight to the heavens, well, the planets have aligned & all is right in the world for a bit of time. This beloved song "Stairway to Heaven" is often recognized by its first notes has been one of the most cherished 'anthemic' songs ever written & composed since 1971 & always coming out on the tops of list for greatest rock songs ever, what Ann does here makes a hard arse like Plant comes to tears & the ever-bubbly Page almost come out of his doggone seat.

You hear the words cosmic experience thrown around to describe certain moments but, in this case, she takes you there as do all the participants in creating this magical moment.

Pure Country: Now I'm going another way, pure country. Sammi Smith has been one of my favorite female singers. Perhaps because her & I share the same vocal tone or love of country music, who knows, but I love her voice & her delivery is impeccable. Here she is introduced by the late great Johnny Cash singing a song written by Kris Kristofferson. I was introduced to Johnny Cash by my Uncle George & later found Kris Kristofferson on a little transistor radio back when I was barely old enough to save enough to buy my own records so I had to settle for worn out 8 tracks I could get on the cheap. Sammi was my very first 8 track. I was fascinated by the strength her voice projected through my cheap speakers. I didn't really understand the songs in a "grown up" sense, but I loved them just the same. She turned some covers into huge hits for herself such 'Today I started loving you again', 'Saunders Ferry Lane', 'Long Black Veil', 'Then you walk in" & of course, 'Help me make it through the night.'

Some say Sammi was overshadowed in the popular sense as she was considered Outlaw Country having friends such as Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings. She didn't conform and didn't mind telling you, her mindset. She got on with the 'boys' and she did her thing. She had tragedy in her life but overcame. She died young at 61 but left a short library of fabulous, gut wrenching & easy to listen to country hits.

Blues/Soul: Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa, what the hell can I say? She is highly underrated & he is right up there with the best guitarist in the world in his own right. Together, combustion & soul happens. This version of 'I'd rather go blind" is second to none, not even the original by the late great Etta James, IMHO. It is said by many that Beth is absolutely possessed by the music & I agree. She is haunting, exciting & uninhibited in a way that is rarely seen & felt. When she gets it right, she gets it's all the way right. This cover is also one of my favorites.

TV/Movie: Oh, the controversy of Outlander Theme Music. 'The Skye Boat Song' adapted by Bear McCreary in 2014 for the hit series Outlander was perfect and I wish they would bring back this version. I love how the bagpipes come in loud and proud and the song is just sung. It fit so perfectly with the ebb and flow of the series itself. With all due respect to other artist or combo artist, this song is meant to be sung ethereally but loud as evidenced by the bagpipes. This year's version was utter crap in my opinion, and it's quickly bypassed on my tv. Sinead is not right for the voice or emoting of the lyrics. Such tradition and age in this song should be respected. Play it with shall we say, Honor, or not at all.

The original season opener is below for your listening pleasure.

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