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Snow, Stitches & Sounds

There's just something about the first snow lighting up my inner child. After all these years I still get the biggest kick out of it. My son couldn't wait to tell me if he noticed before I did. This was every year mind you & I thought, 'will he ever outgrow this little ritual?' He didn't & it continuously made me smile.

This year my husband woke me & told me it was snowing. I thought he was joking to get me out of bed whilst I lay in absolute comfort & slumber with every one of our critters piled all around me.

He wasn't kidding.

The critters knew the weather change was coming as did our arthritis. I don't look at the local weather as in Indiana, it's rarely right. They were this time & I'm glad for it.

I much prefer the cold to the heat. When it's colder, the most I have to do is put on footsie's & keep the heat at breathable & make sure the laundry is caught up so hubs can have his favorite "I'm cold" shirts, socks & hoodies.

A quilt on the rocker for the cat, an extra fuzzy on the couch for the pups to wrap up in & we're all set. Easier for all of them to add than it is for me to cool down & over 27 years, you work that dance out together.

So today is a quiet workday in the sewing room while I sit here thinking about painting the walls, taking up the carpet & putting up curtains. I'm listening to some good music, as always, and the good Lord seems to know my quiet melancholy mood & has passed it on to Alexa who I've come to have a love hate relationship with.

The snow stopped around noon but, it was pretty while it lasted.

Back to play, ahem, 'work' I go.

Quilting a child & doll set & thinking about Christmas music I need to add to my playlist.

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