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Stained Glass Surprise

I finished up a quilt top I've been working on for 2.5 days. I had to walk away then come back to it. I recently had surgery & picked up a very annoying side effect that will hopefully fade quicker than not. Aphasia. I've had it before to a lessor effect but this time, it's quite annoying. I transpose words & numbers when I speak or read/write. When quilting, that can be a real problem, and it was. I made a few mistakes, had my 'quilters meltdown', walked away & watched the weather channel & a bit of Netflix.

This is not a difficult quilt under ordinary circumstances but, you do have to keep your orientation (left vs right) while putting it together row by row. I made a whole pile of blocks with all the sashing's to the right not realizing ahead I would need some to have the 1" vs 2.5" sashing's & some rows needed the half-cut square. It is said "sewing can be a great stress reliever when all goes right".

My seam ripper has a new name & it's NOT lady like.

Lessons learned.

Hubs came home from work & could see I was exasperated from the efforts of the day. Dogs want out. Laundry is calling. Roast needs a crock. I need a shower. And the billman cometh & waits on no one. But "I" wanted to sew!! Hubs took over the dogs who seem to have realized they pestered me enough, so cuddles with dad.

Roast was done & laundry, well, is it ever really done? I was going to sew for at least 2 hours.

Goal met!

I learned a new technique, learned a new combo cuss word I didn't need to know (or create - remember, aphasia) & to walk away from a project which I've never been good at. I like to finish things, so I don't have too many things going at once. That would just drive my mind a bit wonky. I have 3 project limit otherwise, while working on one I'm constantly thinking of the others.

Can you say BURNOUT!

Today I woke knowing, (how's that for confidence?), that I would complete this quilt top & I did. I love the primitive feel of it & all the colors. Afterall, my business name is Prims & Pretties. I added a 2.5" border all around on the quilt as I grab as much length as I can when I quilt. Like I stated in previous post, we grown them tall around here.

I'm excited to send this one of to the quilters!

Once again, you can find this pattern here: Bright Ornaments Quilt Pattern - Etsy

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