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I love mixing and matching fabrics & patterns especially when I have cottage charm in my brain.  This particular case is made with the base fabric with  a celery green background with roses & trellising vines in colors of light & medium sage, creamy white, pink, burgundy & darker celery.  The trim band is a dark celery mixed with a medium tinted celery.  The top part of the case is a two tone pink with cream.   The case has been French seamed which means no raw edges on the inside.


Nice patterns & colors make this the idyllic addition to your cottage home.


The Hull pillow consist of two layers of cotton/muslin with double stitching & overcast stitching for the edges.  I've added a zipper for adjustment of the hulls.    It is reccomended you don't adjust the hulls right away as they do settle just a bit after use.  


If you are experienced with Hull Pillows and know your comfort level, let me know and I will adapt the pillow for you.  Or, let me know if you prefer a fuller pillow.  I generally fill my Hull Pillows 3/4+ full for greatest comfort.

16" x 20" Hull Pillow & Pillowcase

$80.00 Regular Price
$64.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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