Measuring 96" from R to L wingspan and 51" from neck to lower back/buttocks, this shawl unique for me.  I don't generally work with black yarns but, saw the three of these colors side by side and knew I needed to make a night shawl.
I used a midnight black, a charcoal gray and a steel gray to create this shawl. The yarns are acrylic worsted weight & I used a single strand/4 ply yarn.  I make most of my shawls on the larger side so you can really wrap yourself up in it.  This particular pattern makes this shawl a medium to heavier weight.  I have washed and dried the shawl & it came out so soft!
Use for a late night walk, running out to your mailbox or cuddle up on the couch for a good book, a cup of coccoa & a quiet evening.
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Blacks, Charcoal & Grey Shawl