Buckwheat Hull Pillow measures 12" x 16"

The pillow itself is constructed using two layers of medium weight muslin. The seams are double stitched & overcast to reduce or eliminate any fraying inside the pillow. The pillow is then filled with approximately 2lbs (pounds) of buckwheat hulls. Hulls are a good source for people with allergies as they are 'generally' thought to be hypoallergenic. I purchase my hulls from a grower in the USA.

Hull pillows are great for people with neck problems & migraines or women going through the change (due to the coolness of the pillows). The hulls never get hot (terrible for migraines) or too cold (not good for stiff necks). They stay slightly cool for optimal sleeping conditions. I personally prefer hull pillows to any other type as they allow my neck & shoulders to mold to the hull seeds providing optimal comfort.

Buckwheat Hull Pillow