Doll Quilt Set

Quilt measures 22.50" long by 18.50" wide


Pillow measures 7.50" wide by 4.25" high


I used I believe 18 different fabrics for the center of the quilt, 1 fabric to border the quilt & 1 fabric for the outside trim on the quilt.  The back has a coffee with cream colored muslin.  The center of the quilt has warm & natural cotton batting.


This quilt was made the same way a bed quilt would be made only in a much smaller version.


The colors:  black, cream, tan, brown, rust, red, purple, eggplant, gold, yellow, uniform blue, blue green, lavender, pea green, grass green, sage, evergreen and I'm sure a few more.


The quilt reminds me of fall or bohemian decor.  Very colorful and fun.  No less quality than any other quilt.

Colorful Primitive, Bohemian Doll Quilt & Pillow