I made this shawl extra large to really wrap yourself up in it.  It's neutral color allows for it to be worn with any outfit you put on including, your favorite pajama's.  

The pattern is spectacular & it was a good deal of fun to create.  So much so, I created one for myself.


I used a cream (fisherman white) double stranded 4 ply worsted weight yarn for the entire project.  This shawl is meant to keep the cool of you!


I have washed & dried the shawl for you so you receive it in it's natural state & there no surprises when you launder at home.


The shawl is so soft to the touch you'll want to wrap up in it, snuggle down with a good book or get comfy watching a good movie.


Measures 108" from tip to tip arm span & 58" from neck to tip down the back.  This larger to give you good cover & thicker to keep you warm and snug.

Crochet Cream Shawl