Quilt measures:  18.5" wide x 21" long

Bear measures:   11" wide x 15" tall


This sweet bear was created using one of my fabric fabrics.  The background is a very light mocha color (think heavy cream in your coffee) with beautiful roses all over in berry colors.  Rich raspberry, light raspberry, wine & cream along with very light colored slate blue flora mixed with incredibly light salmon vine flora.   The bear is filled with Buckwheat Hulls.  


The patchwork quilt is made of several different floral fabrics which I've been using for years.   Everything from light cream, white, pinks, blue, greens & even some lavender, touches of brown & mustard.  I'm sure there are more colors but suffice to say, the colors of your garden are probably in this quilt.  The center has warm & natural batting & the back is done in a victorian pictoral print of two ladies & a gent sitting at a bench in a park.  All the colors in the fabric can be found on the patchwork side of the quilt.


This bear size is made for children on up.  I made them specifically for anxiety, PTSD or general soothing.  Large enough to cuddle, small enough to tote.

MEDIUM #1 Raggy Bear & Quilt