Quilt measures:  19" wide x 21" long

Bear measures:  15" tall x 11" wide


The quilt is pieced together using many of my favorite floral fabrics that I've used over the years in larger quilts.  Colors of cream, white, sage, olive, light blue, pink, raspberry and so many more make for a flower garden look.  The quilt has warm & natural batting and the backing is done in white cotton.


The bear has also been created in a patchwork theme.  Bits and pieces make for a snuggly bear who is also pretty.  The bear is lined with warm & natural batting and filled with Buckwheat Hulls.  The bears are  not only pretty to look at but, they are also sensory as they are squishy, soft & filled with pattern.


Give as a gift or keep for yourself.

MEDIUM #7 Raggy Bear & Quilts