Measures 52" x 68"


Everything but the kitchen sink is in this rag quilt!  I had so many random squares of fabrics that I had to do something with them.  Sew, I created this lap quilt which is so outside of my 'normal' everything.  Color, random & style.  Nothing stresses me more than random quilts that I'm not allowed to change where squares will go.  But alas, It was a challenge by the hubs & task complete.


I've used colors of black, green, pinks, white, rose, cream, tan, berry, charcoal & sprays of many other colors within the fabrics themselves.  I've added big dot pink chenille, ticking, polka dots and of course many florals the flower lovers amonst us.  The textures & styles & designers of the fabrics are vast.
The center of the quilt has black flannel and the backing is as random as the front.
This quilt is different for me but the quality is still the same.  The quilt is quite supple & comfortable to the skin touch.

Patchwork Rag Quilt, Florals & Roses Quilt, Cottage Quilt