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This stack of sachets was created using remnants of a quilt which sustained a puppy terror attack.  Yes, those sweet angels you see in the last photo were once lil terrorist puppies in spite of their adorable lil faces.


This was one of my favorite lap quilts & one night, when I was puppy training (crate or confinement) it was a little chilly in the house.  I didn't want the heat up too high but also didn't want the pups to suffer my "pause" symptoms either.  So, I lay my favorite lap quilt in their pen to snuggle up on.


We got up in the morning thinking nothing of it.  Until I picked up the quilt to go throw it in the wash.  There was a decent size hole in the dead center of the quilt.  After I got over the disappointment I thought, no worries.  I just repurpose the quilt.  So, I made some sachets and bears from it as well Christmas stockings which have already sold.


This is a nice stack of four (4) sachets filled to the brim with dried lavender.  The fabric is so cottagey I knew it would be perfect for those hard to buy for but still in the budget budget gifts.


Colors of mint, salmon, goldenrod, white, pale rose, olive & sage green.  I've tied of the stack with a pretty olive ribbon which can be undone to seperate your stack.


Uses:  Place them in your drawers, on closet shelves or tuck them in your pillowcase.  Place them in a wooden or painted bowl for decoration.  Or, keep them together and place them anywhere you wish in your home.  No matter where you use them, they give a calming delightful aroma.


The squares are 6" each.

R&R Mint & Florals Lavender Sachets #2

$27.00 Regular Price
$21.60Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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