The quilt measures 50" square.


If you could imagine all the colors of Fall/Autumn and then throw in horses to gaze at & have it give you warmth, you would have this quilt.

Beautiful shimmery colors of fall such as yellow, gold, olive green, sage green and muted celadon green, brown, burnt orange, light tan, black, cream, blues & tones of each and more make this quilt and exceptional treat in colors.  I come back to, every color of fall you can imagine is in it.

The center has warm and natural cotton batting.  The backing is similar to the front only not ragged.  The squares with horses on the front have the cream fabric as backing.  


I have washed and dried the quilt to start the ragging effect for you.  I can tell already, this quilt will really show it's ragging in another couple of washings.  Often it takes straight up cotton fabrics (no flannels or homespun) a few washing to really rag up.  This one will only take another 1 or 2.


It's a good size for your little horse lover child or for a grown person who just wants to cover up their legs on a chilly movie night.  

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