Bear measures 25" tall x 18" wide

This particular bear was made for those who suffer with anxiety, ptsd or any other disorder which requires diversion from yourself. It was made for teens & adults in mind, not children. This bear is pretty, it's squishy & cuddly & can be used as a pillow or to cuddle.  

The fabric is a quilted fabric cut from a quilt.  Personally, I have 4 of these quilts we use often in my home.  This fabric holds up very well.  The bear is filled with buckwheat hulls so it's pliable, cool (for resting your head on) and has some real life weight to it.

I've also infused 1 cup of dried lavender buds inside.  It's smells great.

This bear works your senses & feels!

LRG Raggy Bear#4 Roses on White