Measuring 22" square, this pillows adorn some of the most beloved fabrics for cottage decorators. I personally wish the creators would bring back all of these fabrics for consumers once again.

I've used several different fabrics in the pillow (also a complimentary pillow of the same size in a separate listing). Each of the fabrics are from high end designers offering flora in different states. Bouquets, ribbons, stand alone roses, petite flora sprayed all over and so on.

Colors of white, cream, soft pale yellow, taupe, pink, raspberry, greens, touches of lavender and so many more colors. I assure you, if you decorate cottage chic, shabby or any combination of those, these pillows will fit right in.

The back of the pillow offers squiggly chenille in white. The chenille is backed with a muslin to help hold it's shape over time & keep your pillow looking shapely & new over time.

Nice large pillows to lay your head on for a nap, prop against while reading or just to display forward on your made bed for "pretty" in the room. No matter how you use them, they will surely please.

Shabby Cottage Chic Pillow Squiggle Chenille