Measures:   72" wide by 78" long.  This quilt covers the entire top of my king size bed.  It would drape nicely over a low rise TWIN size bed.  Top it off with a pretty bed skirt and you would have  a lovely bed set for a cottage room.


This quilt has many different fabrics, some of which are so hard to find it leads me to believe they just can't be found.  Colors of white, cream,  pale to bubblegum pinks, sage to olive green, soft melon to raspberry, burgundy to eggplant, powder blue to medium blue and I'm sure more that I could list.


The floral patterns have flowers randomly sprayed, in bouquets, vined & individual buds sprinkled about.  Every manner of display you can imagine.


There are a couple of ticking fabrics with vining roses throughout in green & pink.  Background colors include white, off white, the palest of yellow, pink & pale green & pale blue.


The center of the quilt has white flannel.  The backing is done in white cotton of high grade.  The quilt has been washed and dried twice to remove as much linting as possible for you.  


The quilt comes with a custom label which reads "Handcrafted By Prims *n* Pretties in the bottom right corner of the quilt.

Shabby Cottage Chic Roses Rag Quilt