The wingspan of this shawl is 92" wide by 45" from neck to bottom. I do NOT like a shawl that is too short or not wide enough to really wrap around me. I want it roomy & generally, large enough to cover my entire back. I make all my shawls on the larger or roomier side.

I named this shawl Under The Sea due to it's aquati colors.

Lavender, Grape, Sage, Light Olive, Teal, Eggplant & couple of other colors. They all work so beautifully together.

This crochet pattern allows warmth without smothering. It's a lovely wrap to run to the mailbox, get to the car or sit out on a porch swing on a slightly chilled night. I used single strand, 4 ply worsted weight yarn for this shawl.

Once completed, I washed this shawl and it came out extrordinarily soft.

Under The Sea Aquatic Shawl / Wrap