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15.50" wide expanding to 20" wide at the top

4.1/4" gusset 

10" strap drop


For those who use cloth vs plastic, this is a stylish bag for you.  I made it initially thinking it would make a nice pic-a-nic bag.  The colors are gorgeous and range from various shades of gold/yellow to  pomegranate, brown & tan to sage, mint & evergreen and many blended shades throughout.  The fabric on the inside is made up of browns, tans, burgundy, pomegranate and shimmering gold outlines.  The fabric is pinecones all over.


This is a lightweight bag but very well constructed to hold your groceries, knitting work or any other general carrying need you may have.


Reusable, washable & you can iron it after drying.

Wine Country Market Grocery Bag

$42.00 Regular Price
$33.60Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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