Please note: 

I began sewing Raggy Bears in 3 different sizes for 3 different price ranges & for 3 different reasons.


1.  I wanted to offer travel or quick play companions for lil ones.

2.  I wanted to be able to display or offer young children a larger version of a cuddle bear.

3.  The larger bears were made with the intent of  being used as a cuddle, anxiety or sensory item for those living with all types of anxiety disorders, PTSD or just plain loneliness during the pandemic or being in a hospital or at home alone.

  Some bears are quilted while others are a solid lined fabric.

I use both Buckwheat Hulls & Poly-fil stuffing for my bears.  Use parental discretion as to which bear you find suitable for your children based on their age. 


I can substitute a Hull bear for Poly bear upon request should you so desire.