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All Raggy Bears & Cats are handcrafted & filled with Buckwheat Hulls or polyfil stuffing.  If you prefer a Raggy Bear or Cat filled with that which it is not, please inquire & I will see if a bear or cat can be made to your specifications. 


Price variations are based on content & cloth type.

Hull bears run higher than polyfil bears as hulls are more costly than polyfil.  Some bears are made with more expensive fabric than other as well as minky blankets requiring less time than piecework quilts to construct.


Adaptations can be made in all cases for custom bears or sets.  I can make you bears & quilts in any style you like.    I limit bear size to 23.5" tall and only use hulls in quilted fabrics due to their weight & maintaining structure.

 Contact me for custom orders & inquiries:

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